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  • How long is each Tour / Rental?

Bookings are scheduled for 1 hour, with a 10 minute grace period to return​. Our Night Glow Party Tours are 1.5 hours.

  • Is the price per kayak or per person?

Our prices are per kayak, and each kayak has 2 seats. If you would like 4 kayaks (7-8 people) for a rental / tour, select "4" from the drop-down menu at checkout

  • What if my group would like more than one hour?

Additional hours may be scheduled by booking the next hour spot on the calander

  • What activities will be performed during Rentals & Tours?

During the day, rentals are self-guided and the fun is up to you & your group! There are several islands around and much wildlife to view while in & out our Clear Kayaks!

At Night, all tours with have a guide & consist of our Light-Up Clear Kayaks! "Crab Grabs" for families and music for our Night Glow Party Tours designed for groups! 

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